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Biological Services

Sequoia provides integrated biological, permitting, and project management assistance, effectively supporting projects from the planning phase through the mitigation monitoring phase.

Our services include:


Construction Compliance and Biological Monitoring

  • Environmental training
  • Preconstruction surveys
  • Daily monitoring and reporting
  • Long-term mitigation monitoring
  • Listed and Sensitive plant surveys
  • Vegetation mapping
  • Focused surveys and California Native Plant Society protocol botanical surveys



  • Electrofishing surveys
  • Fish relocations and fish rescues
  • Seining/netting
  • Snorkel surveys
  • Salmonid habitat assessments
  • Redd counts


Biological Resource Surveys
  • Constraints analysis
  • Infrared camera trapping surveys
  • Nesting bird surveys
  • Habitat surveys
  • Species inventory
  • Large mammal (deer) migration and movement surveys


Special Status Species Surveys and Reporting
  • USFWS 10(a)(1)(a) recovery permits
    • California red-legged frog
    • California tiger salamander
    • San Francisco garter snake
    • Vernal pool branchiopods
  • Protocol bird surveys
    • Burrowing owl
    • Swainson’s hawk
    • California spotted owl
    • Northern goshawk
    • Bald eagle
    • Willow flycatcher
  • Protocol herpetofauna surveys
    • California red-legged frog
    • California tiger salamander
    • Foothill yellow-legged frog
    • Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frog
    • Yosemite toad
  • Bat surveys
  • San Joaquin kit fox surveys
  • Vernal pool branchiopod surveys