Projects> Pittsburg Tesla 230kV Reconductoring and NERC Alert Electrical Transmission Upgrades

Pittsburg Tesla 230kV Reconductoring and
NERC Alert Electrical Transmission Upgrades

Statewide, California

Biological Services, Environmental Planning & Regulatory Compliance

Sequoia’s team of biologists, planners and project managers worked on this 36-mile transmission reconductoring project and PG&E’s service-wide safety upgrades to electric transmission lines. Work tasks included preconstruction surveys and planning, project management, and biological monitoring with helicopter and crane work, including cage top extension and reconductoring with more than ten biologists working simultaneously at times.


Because of the project’s wide geographical range, Sequoia assisted PG&E with site assessment and mitigation and monitoring to comply with ten different environmental permits, including East Contra Costa County’s (ECCC’s) Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) (as a participating entity; ECCC HCP/NCCP) for the Pittsburg Tesla portion of the project and PG&E’s Southern San Joaquin Valley HCP for Operation and Maintenance (PG&E SJVHCP O&M) on the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) sections of the project. Sequoia also performed pre-activity surveys for listed species within PG&E’s SJVHCP and the ECCC HCP, preconstruction nesting bird surveys, and full-time biological monitoring of golden eagle, bald eagle and other avian species during helicopter work.


Sequoia’s use of passive infrared camera technology to survey future project sites combined with our knowledge of known listed species occurrences in the area reduced the number of person hours in the field and provided in-depth knowledge of the sites prior to ground disturbance. Sequoia’s proactive thinking, responsiveness to changing project plans, and effective communication with our client led to successful completion of our tasks on-time and on-budget. Species afforded protection on this project included California red-legged frog (CRLF), Alameda striped racer, California tiger salamander (CTS), nesting birds, golden eagle, burrowing owl, Swainson’s hawk, San Joaquin kit fox, and American badger. Sequoia also trained crews daily on the various species with potential to occur, conducted daily and weekly reporting via the client to key agencies, and completed protocol surveys for golden eagle, Swainson’s hawk, and burrowing owl. Finally, due to Sequoia’s direct project management approach and rigorous Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) of all surveys and work products, of twelve site inspections by six regulatory agencies in eight months, none resulted in non-compliance.