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Habitat Restoration Services

Sequoia’s habitat restoration and planning services are rooted in our understanding of the natural world and how a project’s habitat is influenced by the geology, geomorphology, hydrology and climate of a region. Ultimately, the wildlife in a project area are attracted to suitable habitat and onsite resources; through our design and planning we can create a platform for species restoration, starting with the soil and leading to the tree canopies.


Sequoia’s services include:

Restoration Planning and Design

  • Revegetation and restoration plans
  • Seed sourcing and procurement
  • Species specific planting lists


Restoration Monitoring and Reporting
  • Baseline reporting, photo documentation and long-term reporting
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Reporting requirements for submittal to agency personnel


Habitat Creation, Design and Build (Partnership)
  • Feasibility assessments
  • Conceptual planning and design
  • Installation of restoration and mitigation plans
  • Landscape maintenance and monitoring