Brett Hanshew, M.S., QSP, CISEC

Principal/Sr. Technical Specialist
email:        phone: 530.848.4925         Linkedin

Brett Hanshew is a Sequoia Principal and a talented biologist and regulatory specialist with over 17 years of experience in a wide variety of professional disciplines. His encyclopedic knowledge of Northern California’s terrestrial and aquatic species/habitats, and application of local, state, and federal laws and regulations has provided exceptional value to our clients. To Brett, an avowed problem-solving enthusiast, one of the most fascinating and attractive aspects of environmental consulting is that every project is unique, and offers its own suite of resources, challenges, and relationships to navigate from inception through completion. Brett is experienced in CEQA/NEPA document development and implementation, regulatory permitting for impacts to jurisdictional habitats, and state and federal Endangered Species Act permit acquisition and compliance. His understanding of applicable laws, regulations, and processes helps clients to make informed cost-benefit decisions and implement compliant projects. As Principal-In-Charge for many of Sequoia’s regulatorily complex, long-term, and high-value contracts, Brett provides strong leadership and sound technical recommendations to support project success and provides the highest level of professional service to clients. 

As manager of Sequoia’s Sacramento office, Brett serves as a mentor to Sequoia’s biologists and is quick to give advice on how to obtain an endangered species handling permit, share a lesson hard-learned in the field, answer project-related questions, or simply listen and offer support. He has managed and overseen work on some of Sequoia’s most complex projects, leading regulatory compliance efforts across all lines of business; restoration projects; FERC licensing, compliance, and restoration for hydroelectric projects; mitigation banking and conservation easement efforts; and large multi-year studies and monitoring programs to assess and evaluate changes in resources over time and develop adaptive strategies.  

Brett has a wide range of technical expertise, with extensive experience in habitat restoration, levees and riverine processes, survey protocols, and scientific and data analysis. He works extensively with fisheries and freshwater ecosystems, with duties ranging from permitting and consultation for listed salmonids in coastal systems to fish population assessments and fish passage improvements in the Sierra Nevada mountains. He is skilled at managing and conducting focused surveys, biological monitoring, and pre-construction surveys for nesting birds and other sensitive species. Brett also leads Sequoia’s GIS services, and drone/sUAS services. 

Brett holds handling permits for San Francisco garter snake, vernal pool branchiopods, California tiger salamander, California red-legged frog, and foothill yellow-legged frog. He is also a Qualified Stormwater Practitioner (QSP). His enthusiasm for the outdoors extends beyond the workplace, and he can often be found (or not, with long enough PTO!) in the mountains backpacking, skiing, and whitewater rafting.