Featured Project

US Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) Battle Creek Salmon & Steelhead Restoration Project

Restoring 48 miles of salmonid habitat by installing a fish screen and ladder and removing dams and conveyance systems located within the watershed.

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Project Experience in Santa Clara Valley Watershed

A representation of our project experience in the Santa Clara Valley Watershed.

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Water Projects

Kennedy Meadows Bank Stabilization & Restoration

Sequoia is leading a team of multidisciplinary scientists in preliminary studies to support the planning and permitting process of this multi-year effort to restore meadow ecosystem function to a section of the Stanislaus River below Relief Reservoir.

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Phoenix Project Flow Variance Monitoring & Relicensing Support

As a condition of the FERC license (No. 1061) for the Phoenix Project, minumum instream flows for the South Fork Stanislaus River were established to mainstain habitat values for aquatic species.

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Stanislaus Afterbay Dam Removal & Revegetation

The Stanislaus Afterbay Dam was a timber and steel dam built in 1907 along the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus River. After outliving its effectiveness following the completion of the New Melones Reservoir in 1982, the dam was removed in 2012. Sequoia assisted in ensuring environmental compliance and restoration goals were met per requirements of federal and state permits.

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Contra Costa Water District Canal Replacement

The Contra Costa Water District is in Phases 3 and 4 of a project to replace just over 1 mile of unlined drinking water conveyance canal with a buried pipeline.

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Kaiser Pond and Shinn Pond Fish Passage Retrofit

Sequoia provided biological compliance support for two Alameda County Water District Projects in the Alameda Creek drainage. Our team of biologists conducted pre-construction surveys for the initial ground disturbance, monitored construction activities to ensure compliance, and performed multiple fish relocations for the project.

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Fuels and Vegetation Management Projects

North Orinda Shaded Fuel Break

The North Orinda Shaded Fuel Break Project is constructing a 14-mile long, 1,515-acre fuel break along the northern border of Moraga, Orinda, and Lafayette.

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Kings Mountain Road Fuel Reduction Project

In support of the San Mateo County Parks Department’s Kings Mountain Road Fuel Reduction project at Huddart County Park, Sequoia provided a biological monitor to complete rare plant surveys in advance of fuel reduction activities.

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East Bay Regional Park District Fuels Reduction Program

Sequoia is assisting the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) with the implementation of its Wildfire Hazard Reduction and Resource Management Plan.

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El Dorado RCD's Fire Adapted 50 Phase IB Wildland Fire Protection

This State-funded project will implement fuels reduction efforts in high-risk areas that overlap with key infrastructure, private residences, major roadways, and recreation areas.

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Mining and Reclamation Projects

Russian River Alexander Valley Instream Mining & Salmonid Habitat Improvements

 Sequoia provided comprehensive biological services for this planned instream gravel mining project that created off-channel habitat features for listed Chinook salmon and steelhead.

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NAPA Quarry Biological Support

Sequoia is providing permit compliance services for the expansion of the Napa Quarry.

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Mission Valley Rock Quarry Compliance Support

Mission Valley Rock, an aggregate quarry, is restoring and revegetating a retired quarry pit (“East Nursery Pit”) in accordance with the Conditions of Approval in their surface mining permit.

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Graniterock Santa Cruz Sand Plant Revegetation Monitoring

Sequoia is helping Graniterock achieve reclamation goals as part of the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act (SMARA) requirements for this 104-acre surface quarry by providing revegetation monitoring, performing targeted rare plant surveys, conducting erosion control monitoring, and performing invasive weed inventories.

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Lake Herman Quarry Expansion Compliance Monitoring

 To ensure compliance with the US Fish and Wildlife Service Biological Opinion, Sequoia provided biological compliance support for the Lake Herman Quarry Expansion project, in habitat occupied by callippe silverspot butterfly and California red-legged frog.

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Mitigation Planning and Banking Projects

Private Ranch Long-Term MGMT Plan & Conservation Easement

Sequoia is working with the landowner, land trusts, and permittees to establish and manage conservation easements on private land near Gilroy and Hollister as compensatory mitigation for impacts to California tiger salamander, California red-legged frog, and San Joaquin kit fox.

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Private Ranch Conservation Bank Establishment

Sequoia assisted the property owner in establishing a conservation bank on their 3,354-acre property in Santa Clara County. Sequoia is tasked with all necessary biological surveys to determine absence/ presence of listed species within the property.

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Fairview Corners Conservation Easement & Long-Term Management Plan

Sequoia is providing biological services related to establishing a conservation easement over California tiger salamander and California red-legged frog upland habitat in Santa Clara and Merced counties as compensatory mitigation for the species.

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Catraio Ranch Long-Term Management Plan Implementation

The Catraio Ranch Mitigation Project establishes off-site mitigation for unavoidable impacts to California red-legged frog and callippe silverspot butterfly in Solano County.

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Conservation, Parks & Open Space Projects

EBRPD Fuels Management Support

Sequoia is assisting the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) with implementation of their Wildfire Hazard Reduction and Resource Management Plan.

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Old Haul Road Plant Survey

In partnership with San Mateo County Parks Department (SMCP), San Mateo County Resource Conservation District (RCD) prepared to conduct bank stabilization at three failing creek crossings along Old Haul Road within Pescadero Creek County Park.

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Mt. Diablo State Park, Juniper Trail Rare Plant Surveys

Sequoia conducted rare plant surveys to assess and map the presence of special-status species in support of the proposed Juniper Trail reroute project.

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Ledson Marsh Spillway Improvement Project

California State Parks replaced a concrete spillway and installed an inline water level control structure along the edge of Ledson Marsh

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Transportation and Infrastructure Projects

Alhambra Valley Road Safety Project Improvement Project

This Caltrans Local Assistance project involved slope stabilization, drainage improvement, and road widening in habitat adjacent to a creek and occupied by Alameda whipsnake, California red-legged frog, and numerous California species of special concern.

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UC Merced 2020 Project

The newest University of California campus, UC Merced, is undergoing an expansion to double its student capacity. Sequoia is working with the design-build contractor to provide biological support services for the project EIS/EIR, USFWS Biological Opinion and its amendments, CDFW ITP and its amendments, and USACE 404 and SWRCB 401 permits.

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Solano County Roadway Improvement Projects

Solano County needs to adhere to construction-related requirements to secure NEPA clearance for several federally funded projects, in accordance with Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures and in compliance with the State of California environmental handbooks.

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Orwood Road Bridge Replacement

Contra Costa County Public Works Department’s Orwood Road Bridge Replacement project, which was funded by (Federal) Highway Bridge Replacement Funds.

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Utilities Projects

Pittsburg-Tesla 230-KV Reconductoring & NERC Alert Transmission Upgrades

Sequoia’s team of biologists, planners, and project managers supported this 36-mile transmission reconductoring project and PG&E’s service-wide safety upgrades to electric transmission lines, providing pre-construction surveys and planning, project management, and biological monitoring that included helicopter and crane work.

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Community Pipeline Safety Initiative (CPSI)

PG&E set out to survey all areas above and around their natural gas transmission pipelines to help ensure immediate access for emergency response crews and prevent damage to the pipeline.

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Phillips 66 Line 200 Anomaly Investigation & Repair

Sequoia supported the project team on the Line 200 Anomaly Investigation and Repair project along 13 miles of gas line between Brentwood and Altamont.

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Pipeline Replacement R-349 at San Francisquito Creek

Sequoia served as the CDFW-approved biological monitor for salt marsh harvest mouse and California Ridgway’s rail on this pipeline replacement project near Palo Alto.

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