Keala Cummings, M.S.

Assistant Project Manager/Biologist/Certified Arborist

Keala Cummings is a Certified Arborist and ecologist with 10 years of field experience in conservation and management (California, Oregon, Washington), plant demography (Montana, Costa Rica, Finland), community plant ecology (South Africa), and specialized botanical research techniques. She is familiar with a variety of ecosystems and can adapt quickly to new field techniques and environments. Ms. Cummings is also skilled in applied research, habitat restoration, and conservation, and has earned awards for scientific teaching and poster presentations at international ecological conferences. She has received training in Californian tiger salamander pit fall trap and fencing array installation. Her field observations include western pond turtle, Fender’s blue butterfly, bitterroot milkvetch, dark-red helleborine, tartarian catchfly, and blue fleabane.