Lucas Lee

Associate Biologist

Lucas Lee is a hard working and passionate biologist who has been a part of the Sequoia team since 2019. Lucas earned his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz. He is currently working towards a master’s degree in Biology, Zoo Science, and Applied Conservation through West Liberty University. Lucas has various internship and volunteer experience working on habitat restoration, as well as herpetological survey work. An experienced and versatile biologist, Lucas is currently working towards earning 10(a)1(a) permits for Alameda whipsnake, California red-legged frog, and California tiger salamander. Lucas developed a strong affinity for the natural world as a little kid when he would go on weekend outdoor adventures with his dad fishing, creature hunting, and learning about the amazing biodiversity around the bay area.

While Lucas is passionate about many of the species we encounter during our work at Sequoia, his favorite would have to be the Alameda whipsnake, because he is a self-proclaimed crazy snake person. When asked what his favorite part about working at Sequoia is, Lucas replied: “my favorite thing about Sequoia is getting the opportunity to work with so many incredible, passionate people with such a diverse and deep knowledge base. Everybody at the company knows a ton about their specialty species, and it is such a pleasure to pick everybody’s brain and try to learn as much as possible. “Lucas is frequently out working hard in the field. While out in nature, he stays fueled up with his favorite field snacks: kind brand granola bars, fig bars, or salt and vinegar chips. Speaking of fieldwork, when asked if he has a favorite field memory or story, Lucas described a memorable day when “I got the opportunity to save well over 70 California giant salamander on a day when the crew had to perform an emergency de-watering of a creek. I was not expecting to do anything like that on that particular day, so I decontaminated an iced tea bottle I had drank with lunch and just started grabbing as many salamanders as I could… That was an adventure!” Out of all the extraordinary animals with whom we share this planet, Lucas feels he most identifies with the hummingbird, because he also feels like he has to eat something every few minutes to avoid death as well.

When he is not hard at work with Sequoia, Lucas enjoys many hobbies and pastimes such as playing and writing music with his band, maintaining his large collection of Australian pythons, and playing video games with friends.

Lucas’ favorite place in the world to enjoy nature is Santa Cruz, California because “you can be on the edge of the world where North America meets the Pacific Ocean to start your day, and then hike in old-growth redwood forest just a short 15-minute drive away. There is so much natural beauty in that small town.” His most memorable field observation was when he was fortunate enough to find an Alameda whipsnake. This observation really sticks out because he loves snakes, and that particular species is rather hard to come by.

If Lucas were not working in environmental consulting, he would likely pursue a career in education, because he loves sharing his passion for biology and the natural world with others. He would love to be a high school or college biology teacher and fill the classroom with amazing reptiles and amphibians.

Thank you, Lucas, for all your hard work and dedication. We are so lucky to have you on our team!